The path to my future opened the day after my dad passed. It was like he knew where his legacy would land me and it was time for me to step into it. 

The day after I lost my Dad, I had my final interview for a Facebook Ads agency job that I didn’t really feel qualified for. During a time in my life where nothing made sense, where everything was upside down, I had a place to go and do this thing that I was really good at. It was a sea of grace and I found refuge and comfort in the data. The true data.

I learned the business so well that I was fixing the things the owner broke. 

But ultimately, I realized that my values weren’t aligned with that agency. In hindsight, it was a pretty toxic environment. They kept taking on more and more clients, and we had to keep showing up on a weekly basis to meet with clients and put on a brave face. 

We’d explain what was happening with their data and what we were going to do for them, knowing full well the agency didn’t have the damn bandwidth to do any of it. But our boss just kept telling us to figure it out. 

Figure it out. 

We weren’t being compensated for the extra time and extra clients. Our pay had been restructured 17 times, and I got to the point where I was just fucking done. This was not the legacy left to me by my dad.

Life is too fucking short to continue that kind of bullshit.

I was ready to walk away and never run Facebook Ads for anyone ever again. Even though I was fucking brilliant at it, I was so jaded by all of the unnecessary bullshit that happens behind closed doors.

And that’s when the whispers of rebellion entered my life. They crept in and swirled around me in that rock-bottom place in my life.

It was the voice of my coach that cut through all of the layers of my disgust with the industry as a whole…”Why do you have to run ads like everybody else?!”

That was the day my rebellion was born AND I went back to my roots. By showing up as the kind of Facebook Ads person I wanted to be, I was honoring my Dad and helping clients really look at the story their data was telling so they could spend wisely, be strategic, and grow without wasting a fuck ton of money. 

And I realized I could do it all with as much integrity and care as I wanted to. That’s the day the Data Driven Rebel was really born….in that place of extreme integrity and transparency and willingness to honor all that my dad stood for.

My clients get to sit at my counter, surrounded by ad campaigns in various states of disrepair, and be seen and heard and supported. Where we work together to read their data story and make a plan that will serve, not just the business they have, but the LIFE that business is supporting.

Because life is too damn short to mess around.

So how do you know if your business is really ready to hire an ads manager?

Decide Why You’re Outsourcing

You have to figure out why you want to outsource in the first place.

Is it because you’re already running your own ads and are hoping an expert can kick it up a notch?

Or, because you know you need ads, but don’t have the bandwidth to learn and do it on your own?

If it’s the first – proceed with caution. Not every agency is positioned to do this and they often TANK campaigns that were previously working well.

If it’s the second, we feel strongly that every business owner should run their own ads at some point.

But more on that another time. 

How to Know if Your Business is Ready to Hire An Ads Manager

There are a lot of different opinions about deciding whether or not to hire out. But here’s the bottom line hiring an ads manager is a roll of the dice. There’s no certainty in advertising. It’s all risk.

Questions to Consider

  1. Is the business consistently profitable?
  2. Do you have enough saved to float the cost of ad spend and ads management for 3-4 months without seeing a return?
  3. Are your goals clear? Understanding WHAT you want to get out of a relationship with an ads manager is critical for success.

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