When it came to my dad’s small engine repair shop, sometimes customers wouldn’t be able to pay my dad to get things fixed. There were times that he would barter or exchange services or even fix things for free. 

I’m actually surprised that the business wasn’t shut down.

I didn’t understand how everything affected his bottom line until I was a business owner myself. He came from a place of always doing the right thing, even if it was sometimes to his own detriment. I thought this was how everybody operated. Just do the right thing even if it’s hard.

And it let him keep that repair shop open for ?? years.

Fast forward through bachelor’s and master’s degrees and I found myself at home with a house full of littles, gearing up to be the next big time mommy blogger.

It was a terrific plan except for one thing. I fucking hated writing.

But that’s when I first realized that I was really good at all the techy stuff and analytics and Facebook ads that all those other bloggers that actually loved to write HATED. And when I say I was really good, I mean I was pretty fucking brilliant at it.

And that was my gateway into servant leadership. Yes, through Facebook Ads.

You should be able to grow your business through ads without losing the entire farm, so to speak. Growth, without wasting a fuck ton of money. That’s our unofficial motto.

Which may or may not get printed on some swag at some point.

My dad’s legacy and my rebellious streak brought me back to a place where I could create a Facebook Ads company with my own unique blend of rebel leader, uncompromising integrity, and swearing.

So if that shit is your jam, you are absolutely in the right place. You’re not going to lose the farm on my watch.

Here’s a list of the right things you need to know today to avoid getting put in Facebook Ads timeout. And they’re not even that hard.

How to Avoid Getting Your Ads Shutdown by Facebook

Play by the Rules

Meta is very clear about its policies for advertisers. Before you start publishing campaigns, take a moment and read through the policies so that you understand the rules of the game. There are specific phrases that will certainly get your ads the ban hammer.

You can always request a manual review of your ad if an ad gets rejected and you feel it’s within the limits. But know if it gets a second rejection, you’ll have to try a new creative.

Focus on Landing Pages

Many don’t realize that Facebook also looks at the landing page where you’re sending traffic (if traffic is leaving the platform). So if your page is making claims that violate the advertising policies or doesn’t include the appropriate disclosures, it’s a surefire way to get an ad rejected – or worse – your ad account shut down.

Be conservative

When just starting out, avoid the impulse to test 6 campaigns with 10 ad sets and 10 creatives in each – that’s a red flag to the good ole algorithm. Take it slow. Be extra conservative.

The same is true for ramping up budgets. I’ve seen ad accounts get shut down because the budget was being scaled too aggressively and the Meta lords flagged the account for spam, and shut it down.

Just take your time, go slow, and everything will be just fine. There’s no need to be like Dominic Toretto inside ads manager.

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