About Data Driven Rebel

After decades in marketing, Chrissie and Eliya joined forces to specialize in data-driven marketing that helps their clients measure and maximize every ounce of energy and dollar spent in their businesses.

Their no-holds-barred, everything-on-the-table, data-doesn’t-lie attitude has helped their clients make millions in revenue without sacrificing their integrity or resorting to chucking spaghetti at the wall as a strategy.

Chrissie founded Data Driven Rebel in 2021 – she shares why below.

Chrissie’s Founder Story

My dad’s small engine repair shop smelled like grass and gasoline, grease and engine smoke. It was a place where broken things got fixed, problems were solved, and people were heard.

It was a place where people came to sit at his counter, talk about what was really happening in their lives and businesses, and feel seen and heard and supported surrounded by engines in various states of disrepair. 

The path to my future opened the day after my dad passed. It was like he knew where his legacy would land me and it was time for me to step into it. I started working for a Facebook Ads agency and learned the business so well that I was fixing the things others broke. 

Facebook Ads.

That job helped me find refuge and comfort in the data during a time where nothing else in my life made sense. But over time, that environment changed and became so toxic that I was ready to walk away and never run Facebook Ads for anyone ever again. Even though I was fucking brilliant at it, I was so jaded by all of the unnecessary bullshit that happens behind closed doors.



And that’s when the whispers of rebellion entered my life. They crept in and swirled around me in that rock-bottom place in my life.

It was the voice of my coach that cut through all of the layers of my disgust with the industry as a whole…”Why do you have to run ads like everybody else?!”

That was the day my rebellion was born AND I went back to my roots.

By showing up as the kind of Facebook ads person I wanted to be, I was honoring my Dad and helping clients really look at the story their data was telling so they could spend wisely, be strategic, and grow without wasting a fuck ton of money.

And I realized I could do it all with as much integrity and care as I wanted to. 

That’s the day the Data Driven Rebel was really born….in that place of extreme integrity and transparency and willingness to honor all that my dad stood for.

My clients get to sit at my counter, surrounded by marketing campaigns in various states of disrepair, and be seen and heard and supported. Where we work together to read their data story and make a plan that will serve, not just the business they have, but the LIFE that business is supporting.

work together


Stop wasting time, money, and energy on useless marketing “solutions” that just keep creating more problems in your business.

Start investing in real solutions that are custom designed for you.