It’s not easy to see the label from inside the jar.

You’re too close to your own masterpiece. It’s like Picasso not knowing he’s slinging paint—only your canvas is more “business” and less “Starry Night.”

Yeah. We art.

We’ll wager you feel pretty creatively tapped out on the regular, too.

Are we getting close?!

And let’s not forget the exhausting pendulum swing between big-picture vision and daily drudgery. One moment you’re a visionary, the next you’re basically a human task rabbit.

That’s where we jump in. No, really. We’ll be your metaphorical step back from the jar. And you know what?

…we actually know what we’re doing

Hey! Chrissie & Eliya here.

We joined forces to specialize in performance marketing to help our clients measure and maximize every ounce of energy and dollar spent in their businesses.

Our no-holds-barred, everything-on-the-table, data-doesn’t-lie attitude has helped clients make millions in revenue without sacrificing their integrity or resorting to chucking spaghetti at the wall as a strategy.

With over 30 years of marketing experience between us (and enough life experience to give us that edge), we’ve seen it all and executed it all for our clients. We give AF about you, your vision, your experience, and your results.

Some of our

Latest work

Fixed a Funnel Leaking $15k in Ad Spend

Challenge Funnel that Converted at 40%




Every Voice Matters


Relationships Create Results


Failure Fuels Innovation


Choose Radical Responsibility


Generate opportunities; decentralize knowledge

Fun facts

About us

Could the answer be Chrissie’s, Eliya’s, or both? You tell us!

My Favorite film is:
Cult Documentaries
My favorite book is:
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros
one food I could eat every day:
My favorite grocery store is:
On my days off I can be found:
In my Fairy Garden
My go-to drink is:
Iced Coffee
Must-have Wardrobe staple:
Wool Socks
Most likely to binge watch:
Schitt’s Creek

Get (un)Fucked and Unstuck in a Day

… or less

Get clarity in a day (or less) and creatively problem solve the major sticking point in your biz that’s been gnawing at you and keeping you in a rut, when you just want someone to tell you what the fuck to do already… (who won’t tell you “it’s just a mindset issue” cuz, ew)