Success Stories

Action takers.
Mold breakers.

The stories below are examples of how our Rebellious Marketing Method has been implemented into businesses, and created meaningful impact.

How We Launched a 6-Figure Challenge Funnel That Converted at 40%

And Optimized It To Convert Cold Audiences With Paid Traffic

Jennifer Covered Three Months of Rebellion

with one $27 product!

“Just popping in to say that from my little $27 course and one email to my subscribers, I’ve now covered the cost of my last three months in Rebellion!

A small win but not really! I finally feel like I’m making real progress with real potential!

I finally feel like I’m serving my people well, with what I’m meant to give them, and with what feels right to me.

It makes me excited to put in the work bc I know if people are investing their dollars and also just taking advantage of my freebies, I’m actually meeting them where they are—and THAT means everything in the world to me.”

Personal Finance Expert Decreased Ad Spend by 33%

AND INcreased visibility by 60%

This client was able to decrease their ad spend by nearly 30% while increasing their visibility on the platform by 60%.

And because they knew each click to a blog post generated $0.15 of income, they increased their traffic from Facebook by 47,000% (no, not a typo).

The client was able to generate nearly $2k of income just from the increase in traffic to blog content. These ad campaigns had an average link click through of 10% (industry average is 1%).

They were also able to increase the sales page conversion rate for their digital product to 10% with more qualified traffic.

… within the first week of working together.

How We Fixed A Funnel Leaking $15k In Ad Spend And Converting At 0.02%

To A Sustainable And Scalable Solution In 60 Days.

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