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Stop stressing about your packages and pricing. 

Start creating collaborative, equitable relationships with clients, so you can feel good about business again with the…

Pitch Me Your Project Method

Get the Workshop Replay, Complete Guide, and Swipe Files For a Whopping $25 Buckaroos

*We swear a lot – you’ve been warned

Holy mother forking shirt balls 

Check out what Attendees had to say:

It’s time to rethink business “as usual”

You have too many gifts, talents, and ideas to shove them all in a neatly packaged offer (let’s face it – you’re not a “neatly packaged box” kinda person, either.) 

It’s why the idea of crafting the “perfect offer” at the “perfect price” out of thin air…

And trying to sell it to people who aren’t buying…

When everyone around you seems to have “it” figured out or is telling you to “raise your prices” and “offer a VIP day” when, let’s be real, that’s not solving anything either…

Is completely exhausting. 


“Pitch Me Your Project™” was created by

a copywriter and marketing strategist who was sick of the way things had always been done, and decided it was time to burn it all down and dance in the inferno.    

This innovative, rule-breaking, method allows you to collaborate with clients where you both get exactly what you need at the exact price that works for everyone…

So you can get back to doing what you really love while making it work, without the BS and awkward dance of marketing and packaging your services. 

Dive into this workshop replay and the Comprehensive Guide to build and launch your own PMYP™. You’ll walk away with… 


The replay* of our 60-minute workshop that walks you through our step-by-step process so you understand exactly what the PMYP is all about and how to create your own. (Participants called it “mind-blowing”, “electric”, “pure genius”


A complete step-by-step guide to the whole process, including the swipe files Eliya used for the inaugural launch and the key pieces you can’t miss!


Newfound creativity, inspiration, motivation and dare we say it you might just fall in love with your business in a whole new way.

*Please note: we love a good F bomb and don’t trust people that don’t swear (kidding) so, if that’s unacceptable to you, you won’t love this workshop. But, you’ve been warned!

Meet your hosts: Chrissie & Eliya

Data-driven growth consultants. Super nerds.

We equip innovative entrepreneurs with the ability to unlock autonomous growth and confidently scale their business by utilizing our data-driven Scientific Marketing Method.

We’ve helped our clients re-claim control of their marketing, to bust out of cookie-cutter, marketing-in-a-box solutions and finally market and grow their business – their way.