For rebellious entrepreneurs sick of wasting time on useless marketing…

Quit fucking around with shitty marketing advice that doesn’t work for you or your business. 

And finally become your own data-driven CMO to build something that does 

you feel like it’s your only option

And you’re a Rebel In A Rut, stuck in the “build it and burn it” cycle

  • Following the latest hot marketing trend, hoping this will finally work so you can plant your flag and cash in on it. 
  • Busting your ass to build what you hope will be the key to your success, while secretly praying your instincts are right and you’re making good decisions. 
  • Burning it all down when your results are sub-par (and as that “expert” promised it would), and staring at all your cash swirl down the drain. 
  • Wondering what’s wrong with you and your business, trying to figure out where things went sideways, and how it ended up failing so catastrophically. 

Until you start all over again, at the next new promise of success, driven to make it work. 

Over and over until you’re totally burnt out from the non-stop hustle for the next “big thing”.

Broke from spending more than you can ever seem to make.

And feeling like your spirit is just a little broken…

it’s not you.

It’s that your options are shitty.

And we’re collectively over it.
  • Desperate for a better way to market with integrity, without following empty advice from another “expert” who doesn’t actually understand you, your human experiences or your audience as well as you do. 
  • Sick of arbitrary marketing rules when you’re ready to push the envelope, plant your flag, and test your intuition…but what’s worth testing and how do you know if it works?
  • Unwilling to keep going around in circles, getting nowhere, when you know you’re meant for bigger things but you’re constantly exhausted by the hustle and grind. 
how do you go from

A rebel in a rut to a rebel ready to break free
 without relying on more shitty advice and opinions?

you were born a rebel

you are the queen of your world.

rebel heart; stubborn and restless from the start.

Hey there!

Together with our badass Data Driven Rebel team, we’ve come into the backend of one too many 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses operating without a fucking clue as to what’s driving revenue and 

what stupid ideas they’re chasing without any rhyme, reason, or results…


And we’ve flipped a lot of those businesses by leveraging smarter, data-driven decision making. But not everyone is positioned to or ready to hire our team…

And we want to be able to stop you from making the same mistakes even the most “successful” entrepreneurs get caught in…

Before you get stuck in the same feast or famine, build it and burn it, squeeze your cheeks and cross your fingers cycle…

Get your rebel flag ready, ‘cuz you’re invited to join…

The only hybrid collective and resource hub for entrepreneurs ready to finally understand and leverage data-driven marketing to create marketing and funnels that you can take to the bank, so you can quit second-guessing and relying on other people to tell you what to do in YOUR business.

In this rebellion you will…

  • TAKE BACK POWER AND CONTROL OF WHAT YOU WANT by going back to basics: putting things in front of your market and letting them tell you how to make it better and more profitable. 
  • MAKE DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS THAT WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS with the tools and knowledge you need to actually scale your business, so you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do or how to do it (our definition of “boss”).
  • BECOME CONFIDENT IN YOUR MARKETING (paid and organic) knowing that it lives between who you are and what you do and the data-driven, profitable path to what you want.


And make money doing it.

“To be able to have access to these two people all the time – it is by far the best membership that I’m a part of.”

and here’s the real mindfuck:


utilizing the 4 pillars of our

Rebellious Marketing Method

Our tried & trusted method that we leverage with all our clients to help them build clean foundations, fix fucked up funnels, and set fire to effective marketing.

here’s how we’ll teach you to use the

Rebellious Marketing Method

Hypothesize – WTF is going on?

How do you know where you’re headed when you don’t know where you are?!

Everything in marketing begins with a best guess – an assumption you make based on your experience, research, knowledge, and your goals.

You put that through the frame of what you know about your audience and target market, but it’s all a hypothesis.

And every good marketer starts with a well-developed hypothesis.

  • Will adding a new lead funnel increase conversions on your main offer?
  • Is YouTube actually driving all your conversion-specific traffic?
  • Would a different kind of top of funnel ad, paired with a more specific middle of funnel ad, work better than what you’re doing now?

Your intuition will lead you towards hypotheses; we’ll help you develop strong ones and figure out which ones to let go, so you can find the metrics that matter in your data.

When you learn to build a strong hypothesis the RMM way, you’ll be able to:
  • Confidently sort through opinions and ideas to make your own decisions, without getting caught up in the next shiny object.
  • Know where to start and where to look to find what’s working and what’s not in your business, so you never have to solely rely on your gut again.
  • Overcome the overwhelm of all the numbers that make data-driven marketing feel impossible, even if data isn’t your thing.

Synthesize & Analyze – Make It Make Sense

Q: What good is a hypothesis without the data to make sense of it?

Your data is only as good as your ability to collect it because, as you’ll hear us say over and over again, “data doesn’t live in a silo”.

In order to effectively test your hypothesis you have to be able to collect and make meaning of a whole shit ton of data points.

Our data dashboard and resources library will give you all the tools you need to get both a birds eye view and a granular view of exactly what your data is telling you… And how real humans are responding to your hypotheses.

When you can synthesize & analyze your data, you’ll be able to:
  • Utilize a comprehensive set of tools that will allow you and your team to confidently make data-driven decisions for the life of your business, without throwing everything against the wall. 
  • Build a toolkit of the must-have tools we use to get a comprehensive overview of the data across all your channels of traffic and transactions, so you can see what’s happening right in front of your eyes.
  • Self-correct the course of your business using facts, not fiction, so you can decide what to do next without stop chasing ghosts and wasting money.

Optimize – Make Shit Better

What turns data into cold hard cash? Data-driven optimizations.

The whole point of the Rebellion Marketing Model is to make your shit better based on evidence – not fuckery.

Once you have made a hypothesis, executed on it, synthesized the data and analyzed it, there’s nothing left to do but use that information to make data-driven optimizations…

Which will improve your bottom line.
Because, data doesn’t lie.

THIS is how we help you build your business YOUR way and make bank doing it.

In this phase you’ll be able to:
  • Decrease your risk and increase your revenue with each optimization you make, so you can stop wasting money on shit that isn’t right for your business.
  • Fix the leaks in your funnels and marketing with precision and laser focus, with the data at your back to verify or refute your gut instincts.
  • Implement and execute new strategies that are supported by data, like FB/IG ads, without throwing thousands at ads (or relying on ads managers to throw it for you).

Rebel on Repeat

Think this is a one-and-done kinda thing? Think again.

This process is something you will learn to lean on and repeat every time you wonder where you are, where you’re going, or what you have to do next.

And it will set you free from building the next shiny thing that won’t work in your business, only to burn it all down when it flops…

Which is what happens to so many amazing entrepreneurs who quit, burn out, or go broke even if they have the potential to have an impact (and significant income).

Data-driven marketing is a living, breathing thing (just as you and your clients are), but this model will serve you for the life of your business.

As a Rebel On Repeat you’ll get:
  • Ongoing support, community, and networking as we grow together, whether you need eyes on your ads, to build a framework for your process, or want new ideas to get more eyes on your marketing.
  • Every new resource that we create to support you in whatever you might need, so you get what YOU need (requests encouraged).
  • Community. A diverse, knowledgeable, and supportive community here for each other (not good with the concept of decentralized knowledge and power? We’re not right for you.)
we give you the tools, knowledge, and support.

YOU learn how to successfully do this for your business.

here’s what’s


“You get more than the value that you’re looking for…”

“Rebellion is the first group that I’ve been in that isn’t an echo chamber.”


Access To The DDR Team

Data-Driven Dashboard with set up instructions

Walkthroughs for GA, Ad Accounts, and UTM implementation

All our tried & tested ad strategies, copy swipes, funnel plans, etc.

Community support and hot seat sessions.

Collaborative Community of Support, Networking & Friendship

Knowledge to make your own data-driven decisions


Starts at $2,000/mo

Retails for $2,500

Saving you headaches and hives.

Made clients millions in revenue.

40+ yrs of collective experience


The sky’s the limit.

$197/ month

There’s nothing sexy about data. But we’re going to talk nerdy anyway:

We’re committed to giving you the power to build your business.

With data that you understand how to leverage.

And marketing that balances who you are and what your audience needs to hear.

So you can build your business however the fuck you want to.

So you can go from… Doubting what you’re doing…
To doubling down on what’s working.

Constantly building something and burning it down…
To bravely and boldly leading your own rebellion.



Frequently Asked Questions

Abso-fucking-lutely NOT.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do to make $100K… there’s the door, see yourself out.

We are NOT here to coach you. To tell you what’s right or wrong. Or how you have to run your business.

Because that’s fucking ridiculous.

We’re here to help you let your market tell you what to do – by following the data and our Rebellious Marketing Method that you can repeat over and over again to scale.

We’ll help you make sense of it, we’ll help you validate your idea, we’ll be here to cheer you on and give you insights into what you might not be able to see yourself…

But no. We’re not going to tell you what to do. Ew.

Poor data, always getting the shit end of the stick.

You probably think you hate data because you don’t understand it. And if you don’t understand it, it’s super overwhelming.

The Rebellion is all about simplifying data and helping you understand it so you can use it as your own lasso of truth to make better decisions.

Once you understand it, you won’t hate it. You’ll love it and the power you wield when you use it. Promise.

We get it. Eliya breaks out in hives at the mention of “technology” and if she can crash something, she will.

But even she approves of these simple tech walkthroughs. We make everything so simple even she can do it.

Plus, we provide tons of community support sessions where you can come and we can walk you, by the hand, through whatever you’re stuck on.

Nope! Whether you bring a ton of marketing data and traffic, or you’re all organic and love your smaller communities, all data is equally valuable (and you probably have more than you realize).

We don’t discriminate.

You can collect and leverage what you have now to grow it. Or you can look at huge data sets and make sense of them… either way!

Then you’re in the right place.

 We’ll give you tools that will help you see numbers and understand what they mean in a visual way (graphs, charts, etc.) and our community support sessions are where we can help you make sense of the numbers.

Easy. Peasy.

Then don’t.

You get to do this YOUR way. Ads are one part of what we provide our community (and, yes, we’ll teach you why ads aren’t fucking dead **eyeroll**).

If ads aren’t on your radar right now, totally cool.

If you decide you want to run them later and the data shows it’s a good idea, we’ll teach YOU how to set them up, read the data, and NOT waste a shit ton of money on them.

Whatever works for YOU.

Did people really get around without GPS?

Duh. It’s possible.

BUT how long are you willing to wander aimlessly without a clear direction and clear, hard, factual feedback to show you when you’ve taken a wrong turn?

Sure, not all those who wander are lost. But all those who wander without GPS are definitely lost.

How do you know if anything will really help your business? You don’t.

But, because what we’re teaching you is how to put something out to your market and use data to understand whether it’s working or not… You can’t get any closer to a “proven” model.

Not because we say so, but because it’s based on your facts. Not fiction. Is “data-driven marketing” sexy? Fuck no.

Does it work? Fuck yes.