Maintain Independent Thought Despite the Noise

Chrissie and Eliya here!

We help innovative business owners disrupt the status quo.

We know your success wasn’t a fluke.

You got to where you are because you have the drive, vision, and perseverance of Ms. Frizzle – (you weren’t afraid to take chances, get messy, and make mistakes!)

But now you feel stuck in a digital landscape that’s evolving faster than people’s interest in the latest TikTok trend…

Not to mention you’ve outgrown your mentors, so the idea of growth feels more tapped out than a keg at a college party…

You need a new plan.

So here it is: Keep taking chances, getting messy, making mistakes – and don’t fu*king stop. Trust yourself, and if you can’t, trust us: You’ve got this.

And if you still feel stuck? Well, even Ms. Frizzle had to stop and ask for directions sometimes. But she never stopped driving that bus.

Neither should you.

The Process:

How We Work

We believe in being at the forefront of innovation

Data Driven Rebel was born from the desire to break barriers and revolutionize the marketing game.

We work at the intersection of consumer behavior and marketing psychology in order to cut across financial, economic, political and social trends.

We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, and we thrive on delivering results that create a lasting impact.

But how do we do that?


Strategically You

YOU are the key to your business success

But we know how hard it is to see the label from inside the jar and see that unique special sauce…

Our goal is to champion your critical thinking, decisions & successes, and even your fuck-ups and failures as valuable data to inform the strategy that is going to get you to your goals.  

Your voice, intuition, gut, and lived experiences matter here – more than anything we’ll ever have to say

What if you had the self-trust and self-confidence to take on scaling, head on, and actually enjoy it?


Data-Driven FAFO

Smart experimentation is the name of the game

With the digital marketing world changing  at lightning speed (thanks, A.I.,) you either FAFO (yep – fuck around and find out) and experiment – or become as obsolete as Blockbuster Video

Learn to maximize the qualitative and quantitative data hidden in your business, without dreading numbers or stressing over spreadsheets. 

We’ll help you connect the dots between seemingly unrelated pieces of information and make it both simple to understand and actionable.

This is the key to freedom from shitty opinions, useless tactics, and squeeze-your-cheeks-and-pray strategies.


Your Feedback Loop

The #1 skill you can develop

Seamlessly switching between day-to-day execution and the 10,000 ft vision of your business – but most entrepreneurs get stuck in one or the other. 

When you’re too close to your business, it’s hard to see the big picture. And when you’re stuck in the big picture, nothing gets done. 

When you become a Rebel, you think bigger and reach higher— elevating your network and the quality of conversations to the level you want to play at.

These 3 unique components empower our clients to develop self-trust and self-confidence,  bridging the gap between the shit you want to try and the results you get, intuition and logic, gut feel and an evidence-based strategy…

You stop giving your power away and start making money by owning your genius and making confident decisions as you fuck around and find out how to scale smart.

TUNE Out the bullshit. tune into your business.

Content for Those

Who Refuse to Conform

Tired of sipping the same old marketing Kool-Aid everyone else is guzzling?

Dive into our treasure trove of rebelliously insightful content, where we dissect everything from crafting an ethical brand that isn’t all about chasing trends, to the complex psychology that makes your customers click ‘buy.’

It’s not just marketing; it’s marketing for thinkers who dare to be different.

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