We’re not like other

We don’t create solutions that work for us. 

We create data-driven solutions that work for you.

So you can make bold, badass, decisions with confidence and certainty.

Meet Julie.

Check the ego at the door;

we’ll never tell you how to market your business. 

You know what you do best. 

We know how to help you use data to do it better.

We’ve helped hundreds of rebellious entrepreneurs scale with certainty by leveraging their unique wisdom and expertise paired with data-driven decision making and marketing strategies.

And now it’s your turn.

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The UnF*ck Your Marketing Private Podcast

Breaking down all the marketing fuckery, what’s working and what’s not, and how to use data to stop throwing spaghetti against the wall.

Banish spaghetti from your business with the Rebellious Marketing Method.

Our 4-part, proven system that has helped clients scale securely.



Use experience, wisdom, expertise, and existing data to build a solid hypothesis for where to start or what to try next. 



We utilize powerful data-collection tools like Google Analytics and custom-built data dashboards to let your data paint a picture of what’s really going on – all in one place. 



We look for trends, changes, throughlines, and connections in the data to understand your consumer behavior and get closer to understanding the humans in your world.



Make. Shit. Better. From ad strategy to conversion copy, and offer design to fierce funnels that fit you, we’ll leave no stone unturned until you have a powerful marketing machine on your hands.

From Marketing That’s Failing You.

To Marketing That Fits You. 

Data-Driven Digital Marketing for Rebellious Entrepreneurs who want it all – their way.


Meet Chrissie and Eliya.

Risk takers.

We’re a team of saucy, foul-mouthed, whole-hearted, well-meaning, whip-smart, experience-deep, talented-AF women who will pounce on you and your business with the protective fire of mama bears protecting their cubs, doing whatever we can to help you kick ass and take names. Periodt. 

With over 40 years of marketing experience between all of us (and enough life experience to give us that edge), Chrissie and Eliya lead this team from the middle, relying on our collective intelligence and wisdom to provide the absolute best results we can possibly deliver for you. 

And overdeliver is what we aim to do. 

We’ll give you the BS-Free facts as the data presents it, give it to you straight (and with love) even if it might be hard for us to say or harder to tell you, and respect your decisions to either follow our advice… or just fuck around and find out what happens. 

We can’t wait to meet you, support you, and watch you set shit on fire.

work together


Stop wasting time, money, and energy on useless marketing “solutions” that just keep creating more problems in your business.

Start investing in real solutions that are custom designed for you.

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