Stop wasting time, money, and energy on useless marketing “solutions” that just keep creating more problems in your business.

Start investing in real solutions that are custom designed for you.
Feel like you’re just too close to your business to be able to see what’s going wrong and how to fix it?

Constantly disappointed by “experts” who promise to fix your marketing, but just offer another “sexy” cookie-cutter strategy that doesn’t really fit you or your goals?

Sick of feeling unseen and unheard by coaches who are more invested in their results than yours (unless it means they can turn you into a testimonial)?

Get 1:1 Access to Consulting That Fits Your Needs Instead 

We don’t create solutions that work for us. 

We help you find the data-driven solutions that will work for you.

And we make it insanely easy to work with us – and get results. 

The CMO On Demand Shop

On-Demand, Hands-On, Data-Driven Marketing Consulting and Customizable Support. 

Pick our brains or put us in your back pocket so you can get the answers you need, when you need them.

Perfect for established entrepreneurs with a proven offer/ business model.

Get Customized Solutions That Fit Your Needs

We’ll look at your marketing from 10,000 ft and help you get out of the weeds to design strategies that feel like you and fit your goals

Leverage Data to Make Better Decisions

We’ll show you what the data says so you can make data-driven decisions to optimize for growth, putting science behind your intuition. 

Access 1:1 Consulting Whenever You Need It

We’ll get our hands dirty in the nitty gritty details and consult on your copy, messaging, offers, funnels, ads, and data to level up your  marketing when you need it most!


Option 1: A La Carte

Pick & Choose What You Need – As You Need It.

One Session At A Time


HotSeat Clarity Session

30 minutes with Chrissie and Eliya

For quick decision-making and strategy questions to get you unstuck in a hurry. Go ahead, try us out. 




Strategy Session

90 minutes with Chrissie and Eliya

UnFuck your funnel, debrief launch or funnel data, or set up a new data-driven strategy – this power-packed session delivers.

$2000 USD 



copy consulting

60 minutes with Eliya

Hands-on copy consulting and editing for website, sales pages, and email sequences.

$750 USD



Ads consulting

60 minutes with Chrissie

Over-the-shoulder ads consulting for Facebook or Instagram ads (performance or setup assistance).

$750 USD



Framework Build

90 minutes with Eliya

Perfect for seasoned coaches and creatives who need a tangible representation of their work through a custom framework. 

$2500 USD



Data Consulting

90 minutes with Chrissie

Expert Data analysis or assistance to setup, navigate or interpret Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and custom dashboards. 

$2500 USD

“I felt like I had hundreds of pieces… but they weren’t put into a cohesive whole. Now I have a topographical understanding… of how all those pieces come together as a whole”

Stirling Gardner
Marketing Strategist

Option 2: Bundle and Save!

 Build Your Own CMO On Demand Pack

Package sessions together to custom design the CMO On Demand experience perfect for you. 

5 Sessions


  • Pick and choose 5 sessions that fit what you need, when you need it
  • Bonus 30 minute session unlocked!

*package must be used within 12 months

Best value

10 Sessions


  • Pick and choose 10 sessions that fit what you need, when you need it
  • Two bonus 30 minute sessions unlocked!

*package must be used within 12 months

You really get me!

It feels like I’m in really good hands. You really get me and what I’m trying to build. I’m trusting the process and I can’t wait to see the results.

Amity Cooper
Clinical Brand Strategist

Here’s How It Works…


Step 1.

book your session

Pick the Package that suits your needs (a single session or a bundle).


Step 2.

Add to calendar

Pick your time(s) on our calendar, fill out the onboarding survey and prep for our call!

Step 3.

join the call

Bring your lovely self to the call and we’ll work together, live, 1:1 to get down & dirty into whatever is keeping you stuck.

Step 4.

grab the resources

Receive the call recording to download and any additional supplementary resources we think might be helpful.

Step 5.


Rinse & Repeat as needed!

Easy. Light. Fun. 

Big Results. 

Meet the Data Driven Rebel

CMO On Demand Team

After decades in marketing, Chrissie and Eliya joined forces to specialize in data-driven marketing that helps their clients measure and maximize every ounce of energy and dollar spent in their businesses.

Their no-holds-barred, everything-on-the-table, data-doesn’t-lie attitude has helped their clients make millions in revenue without sacrificing their integrity or resorting to chucking spaghetti at the wall as a strategy.