Ready to create better content in ½  of the time by harnessing the power of AI?

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Leveraging AI

Watch over our shoulder* as we go from zero idea of what to write to fully developed long form, SEO content, without losing a human touch, unique brand voice and contrarian opinion.

*We swear a lot – you’ve been warned

Holy mother forking shirt balls 

Check out what participants had to say LIVE:

Trust in the online space is falling apart. 

Want better clients? Create better, more elevated, content. And long-form, SEO content gives you the space to create content that builds authority with the people who will happily hand over their money because they trust in what you say.

But who has the time to create that much content?! 

And staring at that stark, white, page is agonizing. 

Enter: AI.

AI can get you at least ½ way to searchable content that you can then edit with your contrarian opinions, insights, stories, and wisdom. 

In this 80-minute jam-packed, no-hold-barred, fast & furious, comprehensive workshop, you’ll learn exactly how to do that, plus:


Discover how to leverage our favorite AI-driven tools to find keywords, outline articles, and lessen your creative load, so you can get back to doing what you want to do.


Learn the difference between the AI resources out there (including ChatGPT), how to use them, and what you have to be aware of, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.


Uncover our expert secrets to adding your brand voice, opinion, and flair to whatever an AI generates, so you can keep YOU – the human – in your content while attracting ideal clients.


Get the insider tricks to prompt ChatGPT and nail your exact brand voice and specific needs – every time – even if you’ve struggled with the right prompts before.

Meet your hosts: Chrissie & Eliya

Data-driven growth consultants. Super nerds.

We equip innovative entrepreneurs with the ability to unlock autonomous growth and confidently scale their business by utilizing our data-driven Scientific Marketing Method.

We’ve helped our clients re-claim control of their marketing, to bust out of cookie-cutter, marketing-in-a-box solutions and finally market and grow their business – their way.