Anyone who tells you there’s only ONE way to succeed in scaling your business is

absolutely full of shit.

The only Resource Hub & Megamind Community where innovative entrepreneurs rebel against generic advice and cookie-cutter nonsense, and use data-driven marketing to boost your bottom line, your way.

“… it is by far the best membership that I’m a part of.”

We’re going to say what everyone is thinking, but no one is

saying out loud:

Real business growth doesn’t come from cookie cutter strategies, templates or “6 steps to success” coaches…(yeah, we see you.)

They’re a total waste of your fucking time and they’re sabotaging your growth.

We get it, this whole “digital marketing” shit is wilder than an episode of Survivor on steroids.

Growing and scaling past mid-6-figures? It’s fucking hard. Like, not-for-the-faint-of-heart, hard. 

You’ve still got your hands in all the pots, because scaling still requires so much of you, but you’re tapped out on time caught in a catch-22, wishing you could set something down, but terrified to let any plate fall because it could be the end of all you’ve worked so hard for.

Factor in how fast the digital landscape is changing….

And realizing that yesterday’s tactics are as outdated as flip phones today…

It’s pretty fucking tempting to think there’s a single template, tool, or strategy (looking at you, A.I.) that’ll help you scale your biz faster, or make it easier.

With everyone shouting “this is the way!” and the rules of the game being “adapt or die”…

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

But following someone else’s advice is the REAL reason most entrepreneurs sink like the Titanic when they try to scale…

Do any of these

feel like deja vu?

Module heading

You’re Outsourcing Your Critical Thinking

When scaling your marketing feels creepier than an episode of the X-files, it’s easy to believe you need a Mulder & Scully to level you up out of the chase. 

But here’s the tea:

NO ONE knows the ins and outs of your business, market, and customers like you do. 

Outsourcing your critical thinking is like handing over the remote control before you see how the episode ends – fatal move, friend.

Module heading

You Have Zero Strategic Visibility 

You’re throwing everything at the wall – spaghetti, sauce and the MacBook – but nothing is sticking because, like Ross’s 3rd divorce, you’re trying to fix the WRONG things…

With ZERO visibility or data as to what the RIGHT things even are. 

It’s a never-ending cycle of  burning out, going broke, and drowning in “solutions” from “experts” advice that doesn’t work for YOU. 

Instead of pouring fuel on what IS working and making your life easier so you actually have the energy, time, and money to scale.

Module heading

You’re Stuck in an Echo Chamber of “Support”

Getting stuck in an echo chamber support network is like getting stuck at Regina George’s table in Mean Girls…

A “celeb-preneur” leads the pack trying to make every person adapt their singular strategy and, before you know it, you’re in a happy clapper club or – worse – a giant ego circle-jerk wondering where things went so wrong and why it’s not working for you…

When what you really crave is conversation that’s going to spark new ideas, helping you break free from the box.

And as long as you’re here, you’re never going to scale, you’re just going to be caught following someone else’s idea of success, wondering why you can’t seem to figure it out.

Ready to fly your rebel flag high?

This is your exclusive invite to join…


Attention grabbing one-liner explaining the problem your program solves

The most badass Community Collective of innovative & rebellious entrepreneurs thinking big, innovating bigger, and scaling smart with our Resource Hub to give you exactly what you need to get visible and convert traffic in a way that’s uniquely yours.

It’s time to start making informed, data-driven marketing decisions and autonomously scale your business, so you can take over the fucking world while saving time, money, and sanity.

I’m ready to stir up some trouble – sign me up!

And here’s the real mindfuck:

We’re not here to teach you

our way.

We’re here to empower you to do it YOUR way.

How the fuck we gonna do that?

Great question.

From our experience helping clients make over $10 million in revenue…

We’ve found that what got you to your first 6 figures is EXACTLY what’ll get you to the next 6 figures and beyond.

And so Rebellion is built on these 3 phases & principles:


Strategically You

YOU are the key to your business success

But we know how hard it is to see the label from inside the jar and see that unique special sauce…

Our goal is to champion your critical thinking, decisions & successes, and even your fuck-ups and failures as valuable data to inform the strategy that is going to get you to your goals. 

We’ll help you with this in Rebellion through:

  • 1:1 support in a 60-min Biz Bitchslap the moment you join, where we help you untangle and unfuck the marketing mess that isn’t working for you, so you can make your biz 100% that bitch – your bitch.
  • Designing 1-3 customized experiments with you to move the needle quickly, while giving you the room to adjust to what YOU know about your biz. 
  • Giving you back the keys to put you back in the driver’s seat, so you can quit the things you “think” you should be doing and ditch the shame and fear of getting it wrong. 

Your voice, intuition, gut, and lived experiences matter here – more than anything we’ll ever have to say

What if you had the self-trust and self-confidence to take on scaling, head on, and actually enjoy it?


Data-Driven FAFO

Smart experimentation is the name of the game

With the digital marketing world changing  at lightning speed (thanks, A.I.,) you either FAFO and experiment – or become as obsolete as Blockbuster Video

We’ll help you develop an evidence-based process through: 

  • Leveraging the tools and resources to FAFO by utilizing the Scientific Marketing Method, so you can embrace the genius of experimentation and learn to make decisions like the boss you are. 
  • Prioritizing your actions, dodging shiny objects, collecting and interpreting data without bias, making optimizations, and deciding on your next experiment as a means of smart scaling with simplicity, so you can calm the chaos and effectively manage a team. 
  • Uncovering the confidence to make better decisions and innovate faster when you know exactly what to do – and what to STOP doing.

Learn to maximize the qualitative and quantitative data hidden in your business, without dreading numbers or stressing over spreadsheets. 

This is the key to freedom from shitty opinions, useless tactics, and squeeze-your-cheeks-and-pray strategies.


Your Feedback Loop

The #1 skill you can develop

Seamlessly switching between day-to-day execution and the 10,000 ft vision of your business – but most entrepreneurs get stuck in one or the other. 

When you’re too close to your business, it’s hard to see the big picture. And when you’re stuck in the big picture, nothing gets done. 

With a sound and solid feedback loop we’ll help you practice going between the two through: 

  • Community calls where we foster lively conversation so you’re exposed to many different opinions, experiences, and opportunities. 
  • Access to us to get feedback on your experiments and video responses on your copywriting, ads, data, etc. so you never get stuck up Schitt’s Creek. 
  • Opportunities to grow through experiments that help you expand, guest experts who challenge your thinking, and an environment that champions you to rethink in order to innovate. 

When you become a Data Driven Rebel, you think bigger and reach higher— elevating your network and the quality of conversations to the level you want to play at.

These 3 unique components empower our clients to develop self-trust and self-confidence,  bridging the gap between the shit you want to try and the results you get, intuition and logic, gut feel and an evidence-based strategy…

You stop giving your power away and start making money by owning your genius and making confident decisions as you fuck around and find out how to scale smart.

TUNE Out the bullshit. tune into your business.

Success story

“Rebellion is the first group that I’ve been in that isn’t an echo chamber.”

Here’s what support in Rebellion looks like: 

MEGAmind LIVE Calls

Join us weekly Thursdays @ 10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST

Ongoing Support

LIVE Coaching, Q&As, and private HeartBeat community.

Personalized Feedback 

Personalized video feedback 
(ad & copy coaching, data support, etc.)

The Best Fucking Hivemind Around

Innovative community where every voice matters and is heard.

Pinpoint Resources

Tailored resources without the course overload – we’ll give you a roadmap. 

Guest Experts

Learn from the lived experiences of marketing and non-marketing guests. 

but that’s not all…

PLus: Private podcast feed

Listen to call replays on-the-go.

And monthly Experiments

We design, you experiment & innovate.

There’s a gazillion (yes, that’s an actual scientific metric)  memberships out there…

And, sure, you could toss your cash at copywriters, ad managers, or coaches who’ll only help you in their lil’ silos. 

But they ain’t gonna craft a holistic marketing strategy that’s got your vibe written all over it.

Rebellion is for entrepreneurs who defy boxes and seek success on their own terms who wanna cross the finish line shouting, “I did it my way, baby!

Because you did it of your own volition – your own ideas and actions – and not someone else’s. 

This is where powerhouse entrepreneurs go to do the things that develop self-confidence and self-trust so you can unleash your genius and avoid burnout, while doing the stuff that sparks joy and, oh yeah, lines your pockets.

Because we believe that you should do what you want to fucking do with your business. And make money doing it. 

cha – ching!

Your choice.

How much support are you looking for?


monthly subscription

  • MEGAmind weekly calls
  • Community on Heartbeat
  • Guest Experts
  • Data Tracking Tutorials
  • GA4 Tutorials
  • Data Dashboard Tutorials
  • Eliya’s Private Copy Swipes
  • A.I. Training
  • ADvisory Ads Course
  • Client Attraction Code
  • Offer Cure by Funnel Gorgeous
  • Full Access to the Resource Hub
  • Call Replays & Podcast Feed
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities
Best value

Rebellion Plus

monthly subscription

  • Private Heartbeat channel with direct access to team DDR
  • MEGAmind weekly calls
  • Community on Heartbeat
  • Guest Experts
  • Data Tracking Tutorials
  • GA4 Tutorials
  • Data Dashboard Tutorials
  • Eliya’s Private Copy Swipes
  • A.I. Training
  • ADvisory Ads Course
  • Client Attraction Code
  • Offer Cure by Funnel Gorgeous
  • Full Access to the Resource Hub
  • Call Replays & Podcast Feed
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities

Learning how to be a Data-Driven Rebel so you don’t have to listen to one more piece o’ shit advice?


Consider This:

In one quarter you can spend…

  • $15k on launch copy
  • $14k on ads management
  • $30k in ad spend
  • $15k on funnel tech
  • $20k on a business coach to tell you how to do it their way…

And come up completely empty-handed when someone else’s strategy doesn’t work for your business.  (Fuck, you didn’t even learn anything along the way because you outsourced all of it with zero visibility to the process, and zero data to know what worked and what didn’t.) 

OR you can learn the principles and foundations that make spending that kind of cash a guaranteed ROI because you don’t outsource your power first.

Success story

“You get more than the value that you’re looking for…”

Chrissie and Eliya here!

We’re the heart of Data Driven Rebel.

Together, we’re like the Power Rangers, the Michael & Dwight, and Alexis & David all rolled into one, supporting 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs in making millions, collectively. 

We’ve seen enough to know that your marketing success doesn’t hinge on just your sales copy, ads, or offers. It ain’t a one-hit-wonder like Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby!

With Chrissie’s mad skills in milking ad spend for all it’s worth and making numbers her bitch… and Eliya’s knack for crafting funnel copy that makes clients feel like they’ve won the Super Bowl, we’re here to help you create a whole ecosystem of awesomeness that builds your visibility and converts like crazy!

In Rebellion, you get the straight-talkin’ honesty and disarmingly funny input that our private clients have shelled out $4,500 – $15,000 for, all to figure out which marketing levers to pull to make your marketing quiver (in the good way).


In Rebellion

we value:


That every voice matters (your lived experience is pure gold).


Relationships create results (build ‘em, work ‘em, win ‘em).


Failure fuels innovation (and cheers to every “fuck up”).


Choose radical responsibility (own it, fix it, make it better).


Generate possibility; decentralize knowledge (power games? As. If).

And we believe Black, Indigenous and Trans Lives Matter. Love is love. Women’s rights are human rights. Ability takes many forms. Science is real. 

We know we won’t always nail it on the journey towards justice and equity – but we’re all in.

If you’re internally screaming “OMG, FUCK YAAAS!” to all that, then we’re your perfect match.

Even if the data stuff makes you wanna shout, “Oh, the humanity!”… read on.

Sure, data ain’t as sexy as Leo in the Titanic…

But we’re going to talk nerdy anyway

We’re all about helping you reclaim your power to grow your bottom line

 With data you can actually use…

And marketing that’s a perfect mix of you and what your audience craves…

So you can build your business however the fuck you want to.

Ready to go from…

Doubting your moves… to doubling down on what’s working. 

Juggling like a circus act…. to focusing on your money-makers (without having to shake anything)

From feeling swamped and stressed… to dropping what’s not worth it and not working.

It’s decision time.

Are you ready to pick up your rebel flag and join the rebellion?

Complete peace of mind

Give Rebellion a try for 7 days. If it’s not for you, that’s ok.


monthly subscription

  • MEGAmind weekly calls
  • Community on Heartbeat
  • Guest Experts
  • Data Tracking Tutorials
  • GA4 Tutorials
  • Data Dashboard Tutorials
  • Eliya’s Private Copy Swipes
  • A.I. Training
  • ADvisory Ads Course
  • Client Attraction Code
  • Offer Cure by Funnel Gorgeous
  • Full Access to the Resource Hub
  • Call Replays & Podcast Feed
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities
Best value

Rebellion Plus

monthly subscription

  • Private Heartbeat channel with direct access to team DDR
  • MEGAmind weekly calls
  • Community on Heartbeat
  • Guest Experts
  • Data Tracking Tutorials
  • GA4 Tutorials
  • Data Dashboard Tutorials
  • Eliya’s Private Copy Swipes
  • A.I. Training
  • ADvisory Ads Course
  • Client Attraction Code
  • Offer Cure by Funnel Gorgeous
  • Full Access to the Resource Hub
  • Call Replays & Podcast Feed
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Abso-fucking-lutely NOT.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do to make $100K… there’s the door, see yourself out.

We are NOT here to coach you. To tell you what’s right or wrong. Or how you have to run your business.

Because that’s fucking ridiculous.

We’re here to help you let your market tell you what to do – by following the data and our Rebellious Marketing Method that you can repeat over and over again to scale.

We’ll help you make sense of it, we’ll help you validate your idea, we’ll be here to cheer you on and give you insights into what you might not be able to see yourself…

But no. We’re not going to tell you what to do. Ew.

Poor data, always getting the shit end of the stick.

You probably think you hate data because you don’t understand it. And if you don’t understand it, it’s super overwhelming.

The Rebellion is all about simplifying data and helping you understand it so you can use it as your own lasso of truth to make better decisions.

Once you understand it, you won’t hate it. You’ll love it and the power you wield when you use it. Promise.

We get it. Eliya breaks out in hives at the mention of “technology” and if she can crash something, she will.

But even she approves of these simple tech walkthroughs. We make everything so simple even she can do it.

Plus, we provide tons of community support sessions where you can come and we can walk you, by the hand, through whatever you’re stuck on.

Nope! Whether you bring a ton of marketing data and traffic, or you’re all organic and love your smaller communities, all data is equally valuable (and you probably have more than you realize).

We don’t discriminate.

You can collect and leverage what you have now to grow it. Or you can look at huge data sets and make sense of them… either way!

Then you’re in the right place.

 We’ll give you tools that will help you see numbers and understand what they mean in a visual way (graphs, charts, etc.) and our community support sessions are where we can help you make sense of the numbers.

Easy. Peasy.

Then don’t.

You get to do this YOUR way. Ads are one part of what we provide our community (and, yes, we’ll teach you why ads aren’t fucking dead **eyeroll**).

If ads aren’t on your radar right now, totally cool.

If you decide you want to run them later and the data shows it’s a good idea, we’ll teach YOU how to set them up, read the data, and NOT waste a shit ton of money on them.

Whatever works for YOU.

Did people really get around without GPS?

Duh. It’s possible.

BUT how long are you willing to wander aimlessly without a clear direction and clear, hard, factual feedback to show you when you’ve taken a wrong turn?

Sure, not all those who wander are lost. But all those who wander without GPS are definitely lost.

How do you know if anything will really help your business? You don’t.

But, because what we’re teaching you is how to put something out to your market and use data to understand whether it’s working or not… You can’t get any closer to a “proven” model.

Not because we say so, but because it’s based on your facts. Not fiction. Is “data-driven marketing” sexy? Fuck no.

Does it work? Fuck yes.

Question not answered?

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